Welcome to Åsane Seahawks – American football and cheerleading club.

We’re a sport club in Åsane, north in Bergen, Norway. We’ve got teams for all age groups.
In cheerleading; peewee (under 13 y.o.), junior (13-16), and senior (16 and older).
We currently have 5 different cheerleading teams.
In American football; U15 (under 15 y.o.), U17, U19 and senior (18 and older).
American football is currently divided in two groups, junior and senior.

You’re welcome to join us and you’ll find our next practice right here;
Amerikansk fotball treningstider
Cheerleading trening treningstider

Check us out on facebook and youtube too, to get the latest news and see the latest videos; go to www.facebook.com/aasaneseahawks and www.youtube.com/aasaneseahawks

Our contact information.
Åsane Seahawks
Address: Åslia 1, 5115 Ulset.
E-mail: styret [at] seahawks.org
Organization number 987 370 769
Bank account number: 3208 23 69332